About The Umayyad Mosque Prototype

This project came after an intensive study of Umayyad architecture and its unique characteristics that define it as a period on its own in Islamic architecture.

The project was an exercise to try and speculate what Contemporary Umayyad architecture would look like.

The challenge was to use the architectural treatments of the period in a new way.
The after all form was a group of features that were reiterated, starting with bulky masses, very directional and symmetrical plans, narrow vertical openings, mashrabeyyat, and a pishtaq.

In addition to the listed features, patterns were of dominant significance in the aesthetics of the period studied, therefore the project intended to portray the other possible uses of patterns not only in the decoration of walls and ceilings, but in the creation of an entire form and space.

  • Institute The Hashemite University / Year 2012