About the Fayetteville Contemporary Craft Center

This project was designed to help further develop students’ understanding of building systems, bearing in mind the theme of the 2013 Lyceum competition: “Here and Now: a call for action” which encouraged students to find social problems and propose a creative solution.

The contemporary craft center of Fayetteville was proposed to create new job opportunities for the less fortunate, it was designed to offer a learning experience in exchange of manpower needed in the construction of the crowd-funded project, the design decisions taken, and the material selection were mainly influenced by the mentioned scenario, simplifying the construction, and minimizing the dependency of the building.

Variable: angles each strip is bent at.

Components crafted in shed:
– wood frame, bent wood veneers

Variable: diameter of trasnparent openning

Components crafted in shed:
– PVC sheets cutting and attachment

Light modulating studies based on components of the enclosure units.
Structural studies of superstructure possible spacial qualities for the first unit type

Light screening system

Unit components (all to be crafted inside the shed by the students and staff):

1 – first ETFE pillow
2 – lightwood frame
3 – second ETFE pillow
4 – mirror polished, pressed stainless steel sheet
5 – wood plate
6 – white PVC sheet
7 – primary structure

A- Structural system placed on plot area, accommodating a vehicular axis to the west.

B- Parametrically manipulating structure to minimize southern and western exposure to sun while maximizing northern and eastern daylight harvesting.

C- Form influencing forces:
1- A newly established bike path, branching from the original.
2- A pedestrian path adjacent to the program of design and fabrication respectively.

D- Resulting form with dedicated areas for:
3- loading/unloading.
4- a crafts garden showcasing finished projects.

Proposed program:

1 – parking area
2 – vehicular circulation
(Loading/unloading materials)
3 – open working area
4 – shed space (closed workshop)
5 – assembly area
6 – offices, Studios and services.
7 – crafts garden, public plaza.